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who is Blue Rock
Blue Rock is a Daylite Master Partner, Daylite Report Certified, & winner of Marketcircle's Top Public Contributor award.
We specialize in assisting clients with every aspect of the Daylite experience - from the initial decision to upgrade to Daylite, moving forward to installation, configuration, training, & designing custom reports and print layouts.

what's this for? help desk + troubleshooting.
Blue Rock's Help Desk Ticket System is the preferred method for solving specific tech problems. This system will maintain a running history on your tickets, keeping them active until they're deemed resolved.

Blue Rock's rate is $105 USD per hour. After the minimum time* has been reached, additional time is billed in 15 minute increments (ie 1-15 minutes=15 minutes, 16-30 minutes=30 minutes, etc).

*minimum time:
helpdesk: 15 minutes
screenshare appointment: 1 hour
onsite in Portland, OR: 2 hours

Established clients & those with a retainer account may be invoiced when the help desk ticket is closed.
New or infrequent clients will be asked to submit a help desk deposit.
Blue Rock accepts all payments through PayPal only.

need a quote?
Blue Rock's Help Desk Ticket System can also be used for requesting quotes for custom reports, schedule training, and general inquiries about Blue Rock's services.

great! how do I use it?
If you haven't already done so, click New Account to create your account and send your request. If you have a help desk account already, enter the email and password and click Login.
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